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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q:  How do I log in to SSTA?

A:  Navigate to SSTA by clicking the "Employee Self Service" button on the MassHR webpage ( ). Enter your employee ID in the user ID field and your assigned password to get to your online timesheet. The first time you log in to SSTA, you will be prompted to change your password.


Q:  How do I report time?

A:  Enter your time on your online timesheet. Your online timesheet is pre-populated with your regular work schedule (if you have one). Make any necessary adjustments to your time and click "submit" to report your time.


Q:  I have an approved flex schedule.  Will I enter my hours in an online timesheet?

A:  Yes, you will enter your time on your online timesheet.


Q:  I am a punch time employee and have a default schedule on my timesheet. What do I do if I work a rolling schedule?

A:  Punch time employees using a predefined schedule but working a rolling schedule can manually update their online timesheet to reflect actual work times.


Q:  Can I change my timesheet after my supervisor has approved the time on my timesheet?

A:  Yes, you may change your timesheet for the current pay period and one pay period in arrears. Notify your supervisor any time you make changes to your timesheet after it has been approved, so that he or she can review and approve your edited timesheet.   Otherwise, you risk being paid incorrectly.


Q:  How can I enter afternoon time? The system keeps defaulting to morning (AM).

A:  Enter the time and then type the letter “P” to designate afternoon, or use military time. For example, for 5:00 PM you would enter "5p" or "17."  The default for time entry is AM.   


Q:  If I normally use a TCD to report my time, but I work offsite one day, can I enter my time on an online timesheet when I am offsite?

A:  No. Employees may only enter their time in one way. If you are a TCD employee you can only enter time through the TCD. You will only be able to view your current week’s timesheet online. You will not be able to edit the online timesheet and should work with your supervisor if you need to make a change to the timesheet




Q:  How is time approved?

A:  Your supervisor/manager will review and approve your online timesheet. 


Q:  Will I be notified that my time has been approved?

A:  No, you will not get a notification when your time is approved.  However, you can see the status of your reported time by viewing your online timesheet.  When you submit time, the status indicates “needs approval.”  Once your supervisor has reviewed and approved the time, the status changes to “approved.”


Q:  Will I receive a notification that the approval of my timesheet has been delegated to another time approver?

A:  No. Suggested best practice is that managers notify their employees when time approval has been delegated to another manager.




Q:  How do I request time off?

A:  Follow your agency's policy with regard to requesting leave time.


Q:  Can I view my vacation, sick or personal time balances on my online timesheet?

A:  Yes, your leave balances are available on your online timesheet.




Q:  When is the SSTA application available for time entry and approval?

A:  Self-Service Time and Attendance is available for time entry and approval 24/7, except for 30 minutes every evening starting at 6 p.m. when the system is down briefly for processing.  The system may occasionally be down for maintenance; any changes to availability will be posted on


Q:  Who do I call if I have questions about how to use the online timesheet?

A: If your Agency is supported by the Employee Service Center, (ESC), call 1-855-447-7778 for assistance.  Otherwise, please contact your HR/Payroll Department, or your manager.




Q:  Will I get an email if someone delegates the approval of their employees' time to me?

A:  From the SSTA delegation screen, a time approver can send a notification email to their selected delegate.  This email should contain the delegating manager’s Group ID and the time period for delegation.  The Group ID is necessary in order for the delegate to access the other manager’s employees in SSTA.  Because this email is sent within the system, it will appear in your email inbox as a message from SSTA.


Q:  I'm a Time Approver. To whom can I delegate time approval for my employees?

A:  Time Approvers may delegate time approval on a temporary basis to another Time Approver within their agency.  In order to be a valid time approver in SSTA, a manager/supervisor must be set up by HR/Payroll as a time approver in HRCMS.


Q:  If I delegate time approval to another Time Approver, when will my delegate be able to view my employees’ timesheets?

A:  Time approval delegations are processed overnight. The Time Approver to whom you have delegated will be able to see your employees' time the following day (they will need to enter your Group ID in the Selection Criteria and click Get Employees).


Q:  Can a “Reports To” Time Approver be in another agency from the employees they approve?

A:  No. Approvers must be in the same agency in order to access and approve time for employees that report to them.


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Last Updated: May 5, 2014