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This Job Aid is to assist employees with Reported Timesheet Navigation.

Reported Timesheet: Navigation



Log in to Employee Self-Service with your user ID (employee ID) and password.


From the Employee Self-Service homepage, , click on the TIMESHEET link located in the QUICK LINKS box.

Note: If you have multiple Commonwealth jobs, refer to step 4 and 5.  If you do not, proceed to step 5.


You will arrive on the TIMESHEET page, where your jobs will be displayed in a table. The table is arranged in 4 columns of information with a row for each job.  The columns are: 

NAME: The name of your job displayed as a link.

EMPL REC NBR: The employee record number that is tied to your job.

DEPARTMENT: The department that is tied to your job.

MAIL DROP ID: The mail drop ID number that is tied to your job.


Select the job you want to submit time for by selecting on the NAME link for the job.


Your timesheet will be displayed, pre-populated with your regular work schedule.


On the top of the timesheet are your NAME, EMPLOYEE ID, JOB TITLE and EMPLOYEE RECORD NUMBER

7Below your personal information is the VIEW BY dropdown menu.  You can customize the way your timesheet is displayed by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting DAY, TIME PERIOD, or WEEK

To the right of the VIEW BY drop down menu is a CALENDAR icon.  By clicking on the CALENDAR icon you have the ability to choose a date.

9Moving further to the right are two links called PREVIOUS WEEK and NEXT WEEK.  Click on the NEXT WEEK link to advance to the next week.  Click on the PREVIOUS WEEK link to navigate to a week in the past. 
10Below the PREVIOUS WEEK and NEXT WEEK links are your REPORTED HOURS and your SCHEDULED HOURSREPORTED HOURS is time you report during the week.  Your SCHEDULED HOURS is the total hours in your normal weekly work schedule.  

Your timesheet is displayed below the REPORTED and SCHEDULED HOURS information. 


The timesheet is a table arranged in one row of information, with seven columns for the days of the week, and six additional columns: 

TOTAL:  The total time you report for the week.

TRC:  Time Reporting Code.  A time reporting code is a unique identifier to specify the type of time used (e.g., sick, vacation, overtime, etc.).  The text box in the TRC column will be blank if regular time is reported.   There is a magnifying glass icon located to the right of the TRC text box.  Click on the magnifying glass to lookup time reporting codes.

TYPE:  This column will not be used at this time. 

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  This column will not be used at this time.

MINUS SIGN (-):  Delete a row of information.  To be used to remove time reporting data.

PLUS SIGN (+):  Adding a row of information. To be used to add a row of time reporting data. 


Below the timesheet is the SAVE FOR LATER and SUBMIT button.  The SAVE FOR LATER button allows you to save your timesheet without submitting it. If you choose this button, you will still need to press the Submit button to have your time for the week approved. Use the SUBMIT button to route your timesheet for approval.  

Below the SUBMIT button is the following five tabs:  


The REPORTED TIME STATUS tab is arranged in seven columns of information:

DATE: Shows the date the row is reporting

REPORTED STATUS:  Informs you that your reported time needs approval or has been approved by your manager/supervisor.

TOTAL:  Total reported hours for each day.

TRC:  Informs you which TRC has been reported. This column will be blank if you are only reporting regular time. 

DESCRIPTION:  Description of TRC.

SCHEDULED HOURS:  Number of regularly scheduled work hours.

COMMENTS:  Users have the ability to leave comments on their timesheet. 

Check with your Agency Human Resources or Payroll Department regarding use of comments. 


The SUMMARY tab is arranged in nine columns of information:


TOTAL:  Total amount of hours reported for the day.  


The table is further divided into three rows:

TOTAL REPORTED HOURS:  Total number of hours reported for each day of the week.

TOTAL SCHEDULED HOURS:  Total hours scheduled for each day of the week.

SCHEDULE DEVIATION:  Total hours reported over or under your scheduled hours.

NO CATEGORY DISPLAYED: This is not used at this time.


The LEAVE/COMPENSATORY TIME tab is divided into four columns:

PLAN TYPE: Type of plan (e.g., Leave, Comp Timel).

PLAN : Type of leave (e.g., sick, vacation, personal).

CURRENT BALANCE: Amount of hours available to use.

VIEW DETAILS: Detail table of leave and usage.


The EXCEPTIONS tab is divided into eight columns.Exceptions are generated when the reported time does not comply with a defined rule or does not match the employee's default schedule.

ALLOW: If the severity is Low, you should resolve in timesheet or allow by clicking the Allow checkbox. Only Managers and Core Users can Allow Low Exceptions. If the severity is High, you can't allow the exception. The error needs to be fixed in timesheet. 

DATE: This displays the date in the timesheet on which the exception occurred. 

EXCEPTION ID: This displays the exception ID code that was reported against the employee.

EXCEPTION SOURCE: This identifies the level at which the exception must be cleared.  Normally exceptions will need to be cleared by an admin level or the employee’s time approver.

STATUS: This displays the status of the exception.

EXCEPTION SEVERITY: This displays how critical the exception is, values include High and Low.  When reviewing, the exceptions should be worked in regards to severity of each exception.

EXPLANATION: This displays the definition of the exception as it correlates to the exception ID.

COMMENT: Comments can be entered by Employee, Manager or Core Users.  These comments are editable


The PAYABLE TIME tab is divided into eight columns. The fields on this tab display any existing payable time within the date range specified for this timesheet.

DATE: Shows the date the row is reporting

TRC: Time Reporting Code.  A time reporting code is a unique identifier to specify the type of time used (e.g., reg, sick, vacation, overtime, etc.).

DESCRIPTION: Description of TRC


PAYABLE STATUS: Identifies the status for this time.

QUANTITY: Total quantity of TRC reported.

ESTIMATED GROSS: This is an estimated gross and only reflects the hours reported in timesheet.

CURRENCY CODE:  Shows the currency code of the Estimated Gross.


Click on the SIGN OUT link to log out of Employee Self-Service. 


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Last Updated: April 25, 2015