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Important Reminders:

  • Regular time is defined as hours worked. 
  • You can report time up to 42 days in advance by clicking on the NEXT WEEK link located above your timesheet and reporting leave in the appropriate time period. 
  • You can adjust time up to 15 days in the past by clicking the PREVIOUS WEEK link located above your timesheet and reporting leave in the appropriate time period.   This is referred to as a PRIOR PAY PERIOD ADJUSTMENT.
  • The deadline for time reporting is each Thursday at 5:00PM.
  • If your Agency is supported by the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC), contact the ESC for assistance with reporting regular time.  If your Agency is not supported by the ESC, please contact your Agency Human Resources/Payroll Department.



Log in to Employee Self-Service with your user ID (employee ID) and password.


From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click on the TIMESHEET link located in the QUICK LINKS box.


You will arrive at the SELF SERVICE page.  Click on the TIMESHEET link to access your timesheet.

4. Review your pre-populated schedule for each day of the week.  Adjust your times as necessary.  If you are an employee without a work schedule displayed on your timesheet, you will need to manually enter in your time for each day.

Adjust regular hours in your timesheet as necessary.


If your timesheet is accurate, click on the SUBMIT button.


The SUBMIT CONFIRMATION page will display.  By clicking the OK button on this page, you are certifying your attendance record. 

8. Review your REPORTED HOURS and SCHEDULED HOURS information above your timesheet.  If your reported hours are less than your scheduled hours, please review your timesheet for accuracy. 

Review the REPORTED HOURS SUMMARY table for accuracy.

10. Review the STATUS column in the REPORTED TIME STATUS table.  Notice that the value in the status column is now NEEDS APPROVAL.  After your manager/supervisor reviews and approves the time you submitted, the status will change to APPROVED

Click on the SIGN OUT link to log out of Employee Self-Service.


Employee Self-Service Login

Last Updated: April 25, 2015