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Important Reminders:

  • Reporting time for an employee should be the exception, rather than the rule.  The recommended business practice is for the employee to enter time on his/her own timesheet or to direct the employee to contact the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC), or your Agency HR/Payroll Department if you are not supported by the ESC.
  • The deadline for time reporting is each Thursday at 5:00PM.
  • The deadline for time approval is each Friday at 12:00PM; if you approve time for employees who work Friday 2nd or 3rd shift, or anytime on Saturday, the deadline for time approval is Sunday at 6:00PM.

Manager/Supervisor: Reporting Time for an Employee

1. Log in to SSTA using your user ID (employee ID) and password.

Click on the MANAGER SELF SERVICE link.

Click on the TIMESHEET link. 

3. Use the search selection criteria table to find an employee.  Enter at least the employee’s last name in the Last Name field.  Click on the GET EMPLOYEES button.  Note: to narrow the search, enter additional criteria such as GROUP ID, EMPLOYEE ID, EMPLOYEE RECORD NUMBER, DEPARTMENT, SUPERVISOR ID, WORKGROUP, and MAIL DROP ID.  

Click on the appropriate name in the search results.

5. On the selected employee, report hours as needed on their timesheet in the applicable format of Reported or Punch time.

Note:  If an employee’s timesheet is blank you need to do the following to populate the default timesheet.

1. Click on the APPLY SCHEDULE button to populate an employee’s schedule with their in, meal out, meal in and out times.

2. Click on the SUBMIT BUTTON.  The submit confirmation page will appear.

3. On the submit confirmation page is the employee certification message which states “I certify that the information entered is accurate and complete.”  Click on the OK button to certify the timesheet.  By entering time for an employee you are attesting to their attendance record and are responsible for accuracy. 

Click the SELECT ALL button to select every day on the timesheet.


Click the APPROVE SELECTED button to approve every day on the timesheet.


Click on the OK button to approve the employee’s reported time. 


Click on the OK button on the confirmation page. 


Click the RETURN TO SELECT EMPLOYEE link to return to the Timesheet Summary. 


Review the status column in the reported time status table.  Ensure that each day has an approved status.  


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Last Updated: May 17, 2013