SSTA Rollout #3- Participating Agencies

·  Segment 1 (November 2012)
·  Segment 2 (January 2013)
·  Segment 3 (February 2013)
·  Segment 4 (March 2013)
·  Segment 5 (April 2013)

ePostcards for Employees  - Short, weekly emails that provide important information to prepare employees for the rollout of Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA)and the Employee Service Center (ESC), where applicable.  Employees are encouraged to read these emails and ask questions.

Agency Liaison Network - The goal of establishing a Liaison Network is to build a community of individuals familiar with the details of HR and Payroll operations that can serve as an occasional conduit of information to and from the MassHR project team. Involving a Liaison Network in the project will help ensure that issues, which may impact smooth deployment of the Employee Service Center (ESC), Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA), and HR Service Delivery and Talent Management Programs, are identified and addressed early. In addition, the Liaison Network will embed expertise about the new systems, processes and programs in each department to accelerate stakeholder adoption.