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TRCShort DescriptionLong Description
BLDBlood DonationApproved Blood Donation Leave
BRLBereavement LeaveApproved Leave for the Death of a Family Member
CDPCharge Duty Diff @OTPremium Differential Pay for Charge Duties (nurses)
CDSCharge Duty Diff StrStraight Differential Pay for Charge Duties (nurses)
CIHComp In-Lieu of HLNComp Time used (earned in lieu of holiday)
CMTComp Time TakenComp Time used (earned in lieu of overtime)
HLNHoliday Pay NormalHoliday taken on observed holiday
HLPHoliday Extra Day PaidWork on holiday or holiday falls on day off
HWCHoliday Comp Time EarnedComp Time Earned for working an observed holiday or holiday falls on day off
JDPJury Duty PDApproved Leave for Jury Duty
PBTPaid Break TimeCombining Paid Break with Unpaid Meal
PERPersonalPersonal Time (Must have available balance)
PLCProfessional DevelopmentApproved Professional Development Leave
SICSickSick Time (Must have available balance)
SIFSick in FamilySick Time for Family Illness
VACVacationVacation Time (Must have available balance)

 Please contact your Agency HR or Payroll Department with any questions on the use of these codes.

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Last Updated: May 2013