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Important Reminders

  • Punches from a TCD will populate the Employee Self-Service punch timesheet.
  • Review the punch timesheet navigation online learning and job aid before you approve and/or edit an employee’s timesheet, to familiarize yourself with the layout of the punch timesheet. 
  • Employees cannot edit their own punches.  As an approver, you may edit punches on the employee’s behalf, under certain circumstances.
  • Employees cannot perform prior pay period adjustments.  As an approver, you have the ability to perform and approve prior pay period adjustments on the employee’s behalf..
  • Approvers may record leave, regular time, or other time reporting codes on behalf of their employees. 
  • Employee Self-Service calculates shift differential and weekend differential automatically based upon an employee’s reported IN and OUT times, if applicable. 
  • If you need assistance with the time approval process, editing punches, or completing prior pay period adjustments, please contact the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC) at 1-855-447-7778 for assistance (for ESC user Agencies only).  If you work in a non-ESC supported Agency, please direct your questions to your Human Resources/Payroll Department. 
  • Please be sure to review your Agency’s policies and procedures regarding time approval.  Questions about specific Agency policies should be directed to your Human Resources/Payroll Department. 


Manager/Supervisor: Approving Time for Time Collection Device (TCD) Users

1. From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click on the MY TEAM tab. Next Click on the TIME AND LABOR WORKCENTER link located in the MANAGER LINKS box.
2. On the Time and Labor Workcenter you will have six links under the Welcome, APPROVE REPORTED TIME, TIMESHEET, LEAVE BALANCES, PAYABLE TIME SUMMARY, MANAGE SCHEDULES AND EXCEPTIONS. Click on the TIMESHEET link.

On the top of the page is the Employee Selection Criteria table which is pre-populated with your TIME REPORTER GROUP ID

Note:  If you are a delegate time approver, please review the Time Approval Delegation job aid for detailed instructions on how to review and approve time for employees that have been delegated to you.
3. To review and approve time for your direct reports, click on the GET EMPLOYEES button.  Employee Self-Service will return a list of employees that report to you based on the search criteria entered in the Employee Selection Criteria table.
4. Click on the appropriate employee name in the LAST NAME column. 

Note:  If you click on the first employee in the NAME column, you can use the NEXT EMPLOYEE link to navigate through your employee timesheets.   

The employee’s punch timesheet will display. As a time approver, you will need to:

a.    Review the punches in the IN, MEAL OUT, MEAL IN, and OUT columns and the employee’s total reported hours vs. scheduled hours.  As an approver, you can see which TCD machine the employee used to record their time by reviewing the TIME COLLECTION DEVICE ID column. 

b.    You can report time or adjust time as necessary, to report regular (work) time; leave; overtime; comp time; and when needed standby pay to an employee’s timesheet, as well as different time reporting codes (TRC’s).

c.    Review the employee’s leave balance table.  The TCD will allow the employee to report more time than they have access to; if this happens, you will need to adjust the employee’s reported leave.  It is suggested that you should communicate with the employee prior to performing the change. 

d.    Shift differential and weekend differential will be calculated automatically by SSTA based on the employee’s IN and OUT times, if applicable.

e.    If you make any changes to the employee’s timesheet, you must click the SUBMIT button. If no changes are needed, continue to step 6.

6Locate the SELECT column on the timesheet.  Click the check box for each row you wish to approve or click the SELECT ALL button to select all hours that need approval. Click the APPROVE SELECTED button.
7An approve confirmation message will appear.  Review this message carefully.  Click OK to approve the employee’s reported time, or click CANCEL to return to the employee’s timesheet.  By clicking OK you have electronically signed your employee’s timesheet.  After you click OK, the Approve Confirmation page appears which informs you the approval was successful.
8On the Approve Confirmation page, click OK to return to employee’s timesheet.
9Click on the SIGN OUT link to log out of Employee Self-Service.  


Employee Self-Service Login

Last Updated: July 30, 2015