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    • Have you ever faced a problem and didn't know where to begin?

      Problem Solving Strategies

      This eLearning demonstrates a multi-step approach to developing solutions to issues

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    • Have you ever had to run a report and didn't know what questions to ask?

      Workforce Analytics

      This classroom training demonstrates how analytics can support better decision-making

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    • Have you ever wondered how to embrace innovation?

      Leadership Excellence for Senior Managers

      This 2-day program challenges leaders to excel through the use of the new MassHR Leadership Excellence framework

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    • What would you do if someone told you "but we've always done it this way"?

      Business Process Redesign

      This program prepares you to analyze “As-Is” business processes and design “To-Be” processes

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    • Have you ever wondered what makes a goal SMART?

      Effective Goal Setting and Follow Through

      This half-day class provides techniques for setting effective SMART goals

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    • Have you ever wanted to encourage someone to do better?

      Coaching, Evaluating, and Delivering Constructive Feedback

      This Virtual Learning Series consists of a series of emails, job aids and activities for managers

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    • Have you ever been asked to run a project and wondered where to start?

      Project Management for Non-Project Managers

      This eLearning course provides the skills required to effectively manage a project of any size

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    • Have you ever had to justify why you did something?

      Building and Maintaining a Results Oriented Culture

      This 4-hour class helps employees build an Agency culture focused on performance measures

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  • Program Overview

    MassHR has created a five-year roadmap of voluntary development and training programs, known as the Workforce Enhancement Program.  The program consists of courses targeted at increasing employee effectiveness to achieve organization goals and better serve the citizens of Massachusetts. A key input to building the roadmap was the feedback we received from employees through the 2012 Employee Engagement Survey Results .

    The Workforce Enhancement Program offers free courses.  Currently, there are ten (10) courses being launched in fiscal year 2013. These ten were specifically chosen to support the needs identified by employees in the MassHR Survey and are designed to reach a broad-spectrum of employees in the Executive Departments.  As each course is launched, employees will receive communications about the upcoming program, its content, and how to register.  Check out the News and Updates section to view the latest course announcements and updates.

    If you have a question or suggestions, please feel free to email to us or use our online form.


    2012 Employee Engagement Survey Results

     See what the 2012 Employee Engagement Survey said...

    2012 Employee Engagement Survey Results


    Coaching Learning Series