LOGO for Workforce Enhancement Program  / Coaching, Evaluating and Delivering Constructive Feedback – Learning Series As stated in the “What is Coaching?” topic, coaching is a communication process used to teach or train people.  As a Commonwealth Manager/Supervisor, you likely have one (1) or more staff members who report to you.  These staff members are your employees.  A smart first step in coaching is to reflect on your coaching relationships (both as a coach and employee) and consider what it takes to be an effective coach.

The worksheet below will guide you through a series of questions to help you recognize your coaching relationships, brainstorm characteristics of effective and ineffective managers, and identify the coaching characteristics you would like to possess and display.  No follow-up is required for the worksheet; the goal is to get you thinking about your coaching relationships and skills as a coach.

  1. Who is your coach? Remember to include both formal and informal coaches. There may be more than one (1). 
    • Coach #1:
    • Coach #2:
    • Coach #3:
  2. Who are you coaching?
    • Coachee #1:
    • Coachee #2:
    • Coachee #3:
  3. What are characteristics of an effective coach?
    • Effective Characteristic #1:
    • Effective Characteristic #2:
    • Effective Characteristic #3:
  4. What are characteristics of an ineffective coach?
    • Ineffective Characteristic #1:
    • Ineffective Characteristic #2:
    • Ineffective Characteristic #3:
  5. What coaching characteristics do you want to possess/display?  Consider characteristics that you currently have and use, as well as new characteristics you’d like to develop.
    • Attainable Characteristic #1:
    • Attainable Characteristic #2:
    • Attainable Characteristic #3: