The Council develops a State Plan every five years to address the most important issues affecting people with developmental disabilities. The Council establishes its priorities based on input from people with developmental disabilities and their families. Initiative teams, which include members and staff as well as citizens, advocates, and other interested individuals, develop both short and long term action plans to address these priorities. The Council's success is measured by both its ability to achieve the outcomes established by the State Plan, and the real impact that these outcomes have on the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The State Plan is updated annually based on feedback from individuals and their families, and on state and national policy developments that may require a shift in Council priorities.

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Download the 2015 Public Performance Report pdf format of 2015 PPR

Download the 2018 State Plan docx format of 2018 State Plan

Download the 2016 Citizen Centric Report pdf format of 2016 Report to the Citizens of the Commonwealth
, a four-page document detailing what the Council does, how it spends its money, and what results we achieve, in plain language. The purpose of this report is to provide you, the citizens of the Commonwealth, with information about the Council and its efforts to achieve its mission. The impetus for this report lies in our belief that government exists to serve citizens, that citizens have the right to an understanding of how their government operates and how their tax dollars are being spent, and that government agencies must be accountable to citizens. 

Information for our Members

The Governor has signed an Executive Order into law, superseding the former Executive Order.   Executive Order 512  pdf format of Executive Order 512
txt format of                             Executive Order 512

Download our Member Handbook doc format of member_handbook.doc
(Word - 60K),   (Word - 47.5K), and our council bylaws.


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