The MDDC is undertaking an initiative to diversify our membership.  We are seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds interested in supporting the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.

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El Consejo está llevando a cabo una iniciativa para diversificar nuestra membresía. Estamos buscando a personas de diversos orígenes que están interesadas en apoyar la inclusión de personas con discapacidades.

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Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC)


  • The Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) is an independent agency funded by the federal government to work with the state of Massachusetts to better support people with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • MDDC’s mission is to help people with developmental disabilities have opportunities to lead successful lives in their communities; by supporting inclusive education, greater employment opportunities, and the right to make choices about where, with whom, and how they live.
  • The Council works to improve the system of supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by bringing together lawmakers with advocates to make sure people with developmental disabilities are included in public policy decisions.
  • MDDC also supports initiatives to help build the self-confidence, leadership and interpersonal skills that are needed for people with developmental disabilities to play active roles in the community.
  • The Council supports partnerships with disability advocacy groups to address policy and social issues impacting people with developmental disabilities. Council members and staff actively participate on numerous statewide task forces and work groups serving people with developmental disabilities. 
  • MDDC works with legislators and policymakers to serve as an impartial educational resource to inform public policy at both state and federal levels to better meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • The Council sponsors the Self Advocacy Leadership Series (SALS), an 8 week training that focuses on the principles of self-advocacy and leadership for both transition aged students and adults with developmental disabilities.  Independence College is an educational program that includes classes for people with developmental disabilities to learn the skills that will assist them in pursuing independence.  
  • MDDC sponsors the Barbara Wilensky Gopen Fellowship for individuals with developmental disabilities to develop skills in grassroots advocacy, public policy and leadership. The Fellowship is a partnership of the Council, Institute for Community Inclusion, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center and the Disability Law Center.   

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This information is provided by the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council.