Housing Training Grant

The MA Developmental Disabilities Council is pleased to announce the availability of grant funding for one $20,000 grant for a one year project on Alternative Housing Options for People with Developmental Disabilities. The overall goal of this project is for individuals with developmental disabilities and family members to pursue innovative housing options to attain housing in their communities of choice.  This project supports the MDDC's 2014 State Plan, Goal #5, "People with developmental disabilities will have more housing options for living independently in the community", Objective #1, "A minimum of 100 individuals with developmental disabilities/families will pursue alternative housing options by September 30, 2016."

State agencies and 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations based in Massachusetts are eligible to apply for these funds. Applicants must demonstrate a working knowledge of existing housing options for people with developmental disabilities and demonstrated efforts in housing advocacy. Experience working directly with and advocating on behalf of people with developmental disabilities and families is required. The MDDC strongly encourages organizations located in rural or urban poverty areas, employing staff with disabilities, and representing linguistic and cultural minorities to apply.

Use the link below to view this solicitation and apply for these grant funds.