The following is a list of MOD publications which cover general disability topics.

Current Documents in Alphabetical Order
(Bolded Items are New or Recently Updated)

50 States Disability Resource GuideWORD docx format of 50 States Disability Resource Guide
A Brief History of DisabilityPDF pdf format of A Brief History of Disability
file size 1MB
NEW - Client Services Program (CAP) BrochurePDF pdf format of Client Services Program (CAP) Brochure
Client Services Program (CAP) Brochure - Spanish VersionPDF pdf format of Client Services Program (CAP) Brochure-Spanish Versio
Commission on Disability (COD) General Description, Goals, and Sample BylawsPDF pdf format of COD General Description, Goals, and Sample ByLaws
Disability Benefits - FAQWORD docx format of Frequently Asked Questions - Disability
NEW - Disability Employment Information Guide: A Guide to Rights, Responsibilities, Programs and ServicesPDF pdf format of Disability Employment Information Guide
file size 2MB
Updated - Disability Rights Laws in Massachusetts BookletWORD docx format of Disability Laws Booklet
; PDF pdf format of Disability Laws Booklet
Executive Branch ADA Coordinator ListEXCEL xlsx format of Executive Branch ADA Coordinators
Executive Branch Disability HandbookWORD doc format of Executive Branch Disability Handbook.doc
file size 18MB ; PDF pdf format of ExecutiveBranchDisabilityHandbookfinal2007.pdf
file size 4MB
Updated - Handicapped Parking Regulations in MassachusettsPDF pdf format of HP Parking Regulations Summary (MOD)
Interacting with People with Disabilities PDF pdf format of InteractingTrifold.pdf
NEW - MOD School Field Trip and Extracurricular Activities Memo April 2017PDF pdf format of MOD School Field Trip & Extracurricular Activities Memo
MOD Overview of Services BrochurePDF pdf format of MOD Overview of Services Brochure
Updated - MOD's Quarterly NewsletterNEWSLETTER
MOD's Strategic Plan-In-Brief (2013-2015)WORD docx format of MOD Strategic Plan Accessible Version
; PDF pdf format of MOD's Strategic Plan
Updated - Municipal ADA Coordinator ListWORD docx format of Municipal ADA Coordinators List
; PDF pdf format of Municipal ADA Coordinators List
Updated - Municipal Commission on Disability ListWORD docx format of Commission on Disability List
; PDF pdf format of Commission on Disability List
Reasonable Accommodation Capital Reserve Account:RACRA
Segway Guidance Policy (2011) PDF pdf format of Segway Guidance
Service Animals in Public Accommodation in MassachusettsPDF pdf format of Service Animal Brochure

Older/Archived Documents

Polling Place Accessibility Survey (2004)PDF pdf format of Massachusetts Polling Place Accessibility Study.pd
file size 1MB

Polling Place Accessibility Survey (2004) Section by Section:

Part A: Cover and Executive SummaryWORD doc format of Part_A_-_Polling_Survey_Cover_and_Executive_Summar
Part B: Status of Polling Locations Throughout the
WORD doc format of Part_B_-_Status_of_Polling_Locations_Throughout_th
Part C: Status of Polling Locations by CountyWORD doc format of Part_C_-_Status_of_Polling_Locations_by_County.doc
Part D: Summary of Non-Compliant Features Found at
Polling Location
WORD doc format of Part_D_-_Summary_of_Non-Compliant_Features_Found_a
Part E: Summary of Municipalities with 100% Accessible
Polling Locations
WORD doc format of Part_E_-_Summary_of_Municipalities_with_100_percen
Part F: Massachusetts Polling Place Accessibility StudyWORD doc format of Part_F_-_Massachusetts_Polling_Place_Accessibility
file size 2MB
Voting Rights (2003)WORD doc format of votingaccess.doc
; PDF pdf format of votingaccess.pdf
Massachusetts Office on Disability Progress Reports: 
1995-1999WORD doc format of progrpt99.doc
2002WORD doc format of MOD2002overview.doc
2014WORD docx format of MOD FY14 Performance Report Accessible Version
; PDF pdf format of MOD FY 2014 Performance Report
Access to Public Meetings in Massachusetts - (2007)WORD doc format of Publicmeetingletter.doc
; PDF pdf format of CoakleyLetter.pdf
Municipal Access Survey (2000)WORD doc format of 2000 Municipal Access Survey.doc
; PDF pdf format of 2000survey.pdf

Also note: A Guide to Disability Rights Laws (HTML); (PDF); (Spanish).  This federal booklet provides a brief overview of the federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities and provides information about the federal agencies to contact for more information.  Additional languages are available by contacting the ADA Information Line.