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Over the past year, ITD's Service Excellence program has worked to develop and refine a Chargeback model and set of operating principles that deliver cost-competitive services based on formally defined usage measures. ITD now provides customers with much more actionable data regarding their usage so they can manage their demand and work to drive down their costs.

Last week, a major milestone was reached when the Infrastructure Services Board, comprised of IT and business leaders from ITD's customer base, approved the FY2011 Chargeback Rates xls format of    FY2011 State Services and Rates  for 40 different services across six lines of business (LOBs). Key points of interest include:

  • The new rates for FY11 are lower than last year's rates in three of the five major LOBs
  • The supporting financial reporting system provides customers with an unprecedented level transparency

In our challenging economic climate, this new transparency, the effort that went into producing the most accurate and fair rates possible, and the capability for customers to proactively manage their costs have all been especially well-received.

Please contact your Service Account Manager if you have any questions about these rates.