(a) Title

Papers filed with an Agency shall be titled with the name of the Agency, the docket number of the case if known, the names of the Parties and the nature of the filing.

(b) Signatures

Papers filed with an Agency shall be signed and dated by an unrepresented Party, or by a Party's Authorized Representative and shall state the address and telephone number of the Person signing the document. Such signature constitutes the signer's certification that he has read the document and knows the content thereof, that statements contained therein are believed to be true, that it is not interposed for delay and that if the document has been signed by an Authorized Representative that he has full power and authority to do so.

(c) Designation of Agency

An Agency designated as a Party to Adjudicatory Proceedings shall be designated by its name and not by the individual names of those constituting the Agency. If while the Adjudicatory Proceeding is pending, a change of employees occurs within the Agency, the Adjudicatory Proceeding shall not abate, and no substitution of Parties shall be necessary.

(d) Form

  1. Size & Printing Requirements: All papers filed for possible inclusion in the record shall be clear and legible and shall be presented in accordance with the standards of the Presiding Officer, if any, or on Agency forms whenever available.
  2. Agency Format: An Agency may provide forms to be used for specific purposes by any Person or Party and use of forms provided shall be mandatory.

(e) Maintenance of Files

The papers filed in a given case shall be consolidated and maintained in an individual folder under a unique case or docket number with additional copies as the Agency or applicable statute may require.

(f) Service of Copies

In addition to filing of any papers with the Agency, the Party filing papers shall serve a properly addressed copy on all other Parties to the proceedings, by delivery in hand, by prepaid U.S. Mail or by Electronic Medium. All papers filed with the Agency shall be accompanied by a statement certifying the date copies have been served, specifying the mode of service, the name of the Party served and the address of service. Papers served by Electronic Medium shall indicate the date transmitted and the telephone number or electronic address used for transmittal. Failure to comply with this rule shall be grounds for the Agency to refuse to accept papers for filing. The means of service of copies should take no longer than the means of iling.

This information was last updated on 12/22/2008.