801 CMR 1.02 of the Standard Adjudicatory Rules of Practice and Procedure is a self- contained segregable body of regulations of general applicability for proceedings in which formal rules cannot be utilized or federal fair hearing procedures are applicable. An Agency must determine for any class of hearings whether to hold hearings under 801 CMR 1.01, Formal Hearings, or 801 CMR 1.02. Agencies shall determine based on such factors as: the volume of cases held; whether claimants are represented by counsel; the complexity of the issues; or the applicability of Federal fair hearings procedures. All notices from which an Adjudicatory Proceeding can be claimed shall state which rules apply, whether formal under 801 CMR 1.01, or informal under 801 CMR 1.02. In addition, all notices shall contain a notice printed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, French and Chinese that informs the reader that the document is important and should be translated immediately.

This information was last updated on 12/22/2008.