(a) Purpose

A group hearing may be held if it appears from the request for a hearing or other written information submitted by the Parties that the matters involve questions of fact which are identical, or the sole issue involves federal or state law or policy, or changes in federal or state law. For these purposes, a change in federal or state law shall mean any change in standards governing eligibility or limitation in the amount of time for which Benefits or services are provided, affecting a class of Recipients or Applicants and promulgated by state or federal law or regulation.

(b) Severance of Individual Hearing

If, at any stage of such group hearing, the Presiding Officer finds that any individual appeal involves questions of fact unique to the individual Petitioner, such as the applicability of the law change to such Petitioner, the Presiding Officer shall sever the appeal and hear it individually. Parties to an Adjudicatory Proceeding are encouraged to engage in voluntary discovery.

This information was last updated on 12/22/2008.