Download the appropriate appeal form.

Fill out the form completely including the name and address of the parties and attach any relevant information (i.e.: certification list, decision of appointing authority etc.).

Effective December 1, 2006, any appeal that does not include the appropriate fee (or waiver form) will be returned to the Appellant or attorney who submitted it.

Make three (3) copies of your documents and

  • File the original appeal in person or via mail to
    Civil Service Commission
    1 Ashburton Place, Rm. 503
    Boston, MA, 02108
  • Send a copy to the Appointing Authority and the Chief Human Resources Officer
    Ron Arigo
    Human Resources Division
    1 Ashburton Place, Rm. 301
    Boston, MA 02108
  • Maintain a copy for your files

Please note that appeals can not be filed electronically.

Appeal Filing Deadlines

  • Disciplinary appeals must be filed within ten (10) days of the Appointing Authority's decision.
  • Bypass appeals have a sixty (60) day filing time limit.

This information provided by the Civil Service Commission