• Civil Service Decisions

    Decisions on appeals filed by public employees and job applicants who are entitled to certain protections under the civil service law. These cases are heard directly by the Civil Service Commission or by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals, which then submits a recommended decision to the Commission.
  • Board of Registration in Medicine Decisions

    Recommended (non-final) decisions on appeals by physicians from disciplinary actions by the Board of Registration in Medicine.
  • Early Education and Care Decisions

    Recommended decisions in appeals by child care and other licensed early education providers contesting sanctions proposed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).
  • Environmental Decisions

    Recommended (non-final) decisions on appeals of Department of Environmental Protection permit and enforcement actions.
  • Fair Labor and Business Practices Decisions

    Final decisions in appeals of civil citations issued by the Attorney General to enforce fair wage, hour and employment laws.
  • Public Health Decisions

    Decisions on health service and public assistance benefits provider appeals of Department of Public Health disciplinary actions.
  • Retirement Decisions

    Decisions on appeals of state and municipal retirement board and Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission actions on public employee retirement benefits.
  • Division of Unemployment Assistance Decisions

    Decisions on appeals from Division of Unemployment Assistance benefit denials.
  • Tax Appeal Decisions

    For formal appeals, when requested by the parties, the Appellate Tax Board will issue a written Findings of Fact and Report, which sets forth the facts as found by the Board and the legal conclusions for the Board's decision. This page provides access to the Findings of Fact and Reports promulgated from 2000 to date.
  • General Jurisdiction Decisions (Alphabetical)

    All decisions listed in alphabetical order by last name of the non-agency party.
  • General Jurisdiction Decisions by Category

    All decisions organized by agency and subject matter, alphabetically within categories.