• Bypass Appeals

    Filed by a person who is "bypassed" for appointment or promotion by a person with a lower ranking on the civil service certification used to fill the position.
  • Classification Appeals

    Filed by any state employee who believes that he or she is improperly classified in their current position.
  • Discipline Appeals

    Filed by any employee with civil service protection who is terminated, demoted or suspended, or in some cases, involuntarily transferred.
  • Layoff Appeals

    Filed by an employee with civil service protection after the employee is laid off and the reason cited by the Appointing Authority is lack of funds or abolishment of the position.
  • Other Civil Service Appeals

    Typically filed by individuals who are aggrieved by an "action" or "inaction" of the state's Human Resources Division (HRD). Involves examination appeals, requests for retroactive seniority dates, etc.