• Decision Index and Digest  pdf format of Decision Index and Digest

    This Index and Digest covers DALA general jurisdiction decisions issued beginning in 2016. It will be
    updated periodically as additional DALA decisions are posted to the website. A separate document at the
    DALA website shows the organization of the Index and Digest by subject. An alphabetical table of the
    decisions included in the Index and Digest is also posted at the DALA website.

    The Index and Digest is provided solely as a helpful finding aid. It is not intended that the decision
    summaries in the Index and Digest, or the Index and Digest’s organization, be cited as authority.

  • Decision Index by Topic  pdf format of Organization of Decision Index

    This document lists the different topic areas by which the General Decisions are organized.  This document does not list any Decisions.

  • Alphabetical List of General Jurisdiction Recent Decisions (2016 - present)

  • Alphabetical List of Decisions  pdf format of Alphabetical List of Decisions

    A downloadable list of Decisions (in HTML above) in alphabetical order that includes how these decisions should be cited.