• Audrey Ely v. State Board of Retirement, CR-07-91 (DALA, 2008)

    The Petitioner's request for reinstatement into the State Employees' Retirement System was denied as she had withdrawn her accumulated deductions fourteen years previously. Chapter 32, s. 3(6)(c) provides for reinstatement only after repayment of accumulated deductions within two years of separation from service.
  • Kathleen Parsons v. Norfolk CountyRetirement Board, CR-08-160 (DALA, 2010)

    The Petitioner is not entitled to reinstatement into membership as she withdrew her annuity savings account pursuant to G.L. c. 32, § 10(4) upon her termination of employment by a public employer. She has not returned to public service and Chapter 32 does nor permit reinstatement absent such a return to active service. The assertion that the retirement board failed to inform her of all the potential benefits of maintaining her membership by leaving her annuity savings deductions in the system is irrelevant. A retirement board has no obligation under Chapter 32 to inform a member of all potential benefits of such continued membership.
  • Mary Lou Resendes v. Teachers' Retirement System, CR-06-621 (DALA, 2008)

    The Petitioner was denied her request to return the refund of her accumulated deductions and have her creditable service reinstated as she did not return to service in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts subsequent to her receiving the refund.