• Civil Service Commission

    The Civil Service Commission is an impartial, independent appellate board that hears and decides appeals filed by certain state and municipal civil service employees and candidates seeking public employment.

  • Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA)

    The Division of Administrative Law Appeals ("DALA") is an independent agency that conducts due process adjudicatory hearings for other Massachusetts state administrative agencies. Through its Bureau of Special Education Appeals, DALA also conducts mediations, advisory opinions and hearings to resolve disputes among parents, school districts, private schools and state agencies concerning eligibility, evaluation, placement, individualized education programs (IEPs), special education services and procedural protections for students with disabilities. 

  • Appellate Tax Board

    The Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board is a quasi-judicial state agency designed to conduct hearings and render decisions on appeals of all types of state and local taxes, including property tax (both real estate and personal property), corporate excise, individual income tax, sales and use tax, and automobile and other excises. The Appellate Tax Board is committed to maintaining an appeal process which is fair, understandable and accessible to all litigants, including pro se taxpayers, and which resolves tax appeals in an expeditious fashion.