Guidelines for Making a Public Record Request

The Appellate Tax Board (ATB) has designated the following employee as the Primary Records Access Officer (RAO) who will assist requesters in fulfilling their requests.

Mark DeFrancisco, Esq., Primary RAO
Title: Chief Counsel
Business address: 100 Cambridge St, Suite 200, Boston, MA 02114
Business telephone number: (617) 727-3100
Business email: Mark.Defrancisco@MassMail.State.MA.US

We encourage the public to submit written requests whenever possible. If an oral request is necessary, please call 617-727-3100 and ask for the Records Access Officer.

Questions regarding how to file a public records request or the status of a public records request can be made via email at Mark.Defrancisco@MassMail.State.MA.US or by calling 617-727-3100.


General categories of public records in the possession of ATB include the following:

  • Findings of Fact and Reports
  • Unpublished Decisions and Orders
  • Rules of Practice and Procedure
  • Jurisdictional Checklist
  • Helpful Guide for Taxpayers and Assessors
  • Mediation Guidelines
  • Individual Case Files

The public records required to be posted on our website are as follows:

When requesting public records, please provide a reasonable description of the records sought and a preferred format, if any, for receiving public records that are available in electronic form. Please understand that a request to search employee emails will generally require more time to complete and may require us to charge fees. It is often helpful to specify a time period and particular search terms, so that the search does not yield unmanageable results.

All requests will be processed in accordance with the public records law and regulations at M.G.L. c. 66, § 1 et seq. (as most recently amended by An Act to Improve Public Records, St. 2016, c. 121) and 950 C.M.R. 32.00. The procedure for appealing a public records response to the Supervisor of Public Records is set forth at 950 C.M.R. 32.08, available at

Contacting an Agency

To help avoid delay in responses, please consider whether your public record request would more appropriately be directed to a secretariat or agency.

Each secretariat and agency has a designated RAO who will receive and respond to public records requests. The following are links to A&F agency PRR pages and RAO emails for your review.

A&F Agency (linked to PRR Page)RAO Email
Appellate Tax Board - Public Records RequestsMark.Defrancisco@MassMail.State.MA.US
Bureau of the State House - Public Records
Civil Service Commission - Public Records
Department of Revenue - Public Records - Tax Division - Child Support
Division of Administrative Law Appeals - Public Records
Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance - Public Records
Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) - Public Records
Group Insurance Commission - Public Records
Health Policy Commission - Public Records
Human Resources Division - Public Records
Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council - Public Records
Massachusetts Office on Disability - Public Records
Operational Services Division - Public Records
State Library - Public Records