Any appeal that does not include the statutorily-required filing fee (or waiver form) at the time of filing will be returned to the Appellant or attorney who submitted it.

Fees are payable by bank check, cashier's check or company check ( no personal checks will be accepted) at the time of the filing, whether in person or by mail. Checks should be made payable to the order of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Filing Fees

  • Discipline or Layoff Appeals: $50.00
  • Bypass Appeals
    • Original Appointment: $25.00
    • Promotional Appointment: $75.00
  • Reclassification Appeals: $75.00
  • Examination Appeals
    • Original Appointment: $25.00
    • Promotional Appointment: $75.00
  • Performance Evaluation Appeals: $75.00
  • (Non-Bypass) Equity Appeals ("Chapter 310" Relief): $75.00
  • Investigation Appeals: $75.00
  • Provisional Population Process Appeals ("PPP"): $25.00

Fee Waiver

The Civil Service Commission may waive the filing fee for claimants in accordance with the standard and procedure established by Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:10, Poverty Threshold for Affidavits of Indigency.

Download a waiver application pdf format of Appeal Fee Waiver Request
or contact the Civil Service Commission for more information.

Fee Reimbursements

In compliance with the legislative directive, the filing fee shall be reimbursed to an aggrieved party in a discipline case who is successful in their claim before the CSC. A party will not be reimbursed in a case that is withdrawn.

Claimants seeking a refund must file a request for a refund within thirty (30) days from the receipt of a final decision by the Civil Service Commission.

This information is provided by the Civil Service Commission.