For Immediate Release - September 23, 2013

Executive Office For Administration And Finance Publishes First Annual Performance Report

Report Highlights Progress Made in Delivering A&F’s Strategic Goals

BOSTON – Monday, September 23, 2013 - Continuing the Patrick Administration’s commitment to making government more effective, accountable and open, Secretary of Administration and Finance Glen Shor today issued the Executive Office for Administration and Finance’s (A&F) Fiscal Year 2013 Performance Report. This report highlights the progress A&F has made in achieving its strategic goals and displays data relating to A&F’s key performance measures.

“This performance report represents another important milestone in Governor Patrick’s efforts to change the way state government does business by focusing on results and improving transparency,” said Secretary Shor.

The A&F FY2013 Performance Report follows the publication of  A&F’s preliminary two-year strategic plan in June 2012 which set out four overarching goals: Better Finance, Better Health Care, Better Performance and Better Government. Highlights from the A&F FY2013 Performance Report include:

Better Finance

  • Maintained the Commonwealth’s highest-ever bond ratings;
  • Published the Patrick Administration’s first-ever program budget, a more transparent and comprehensive account of state spending; and
  • Invested $36 million in energy-efficiency projects in state buildings that will generate enough savings/revenue to support full or partial “self-funding”.

Better Health Care

  • Through A&F-affiliated organizations, executed several initiatives to reduce costs of government funded health care programs:
    • The Health Connector reduced overall premiums paid to participating health insurers by more than 14% over the last two years through innovative procurements, resulting in savings of $267 million; and
    • The Group Insurance Commission’s (GIC) FY2014-2018 health plan contracts bind insurers to reducing and then reversing year-on-year increases in per capita health care costs.
  • Continued to support the implementation of municipal health care reform which has collectively saved more than 204 communities and school districts over $200 million in health insurance premiums since January 2011.

Better Performance

  • Worked in collaboration with relevant Secretariats to implement 17 reforms to improve government efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • Provided $2.25 million in funding through the Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) grant program to support 30 local government innovation and efficiency projects.

Better Government

  • Continued to enhance the Commonwealth’s Open Checkbook by adding spending information from quasi-public agencies such as the MBTA, the Massachusetts School Building Authority, and the Pension Reserves Investment Management Board; and
  • Launched the Informed MA website in May 2013, a user-friendly portal that enables the public to learn more about how their tax dollars are being spent.

The MassResults initiative is led by the Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency (CPAT), which is based in the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. As part of MassResults, all Secretariats published strategic plans alongside the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Recommendation and are due to publish performance reports in January 2015. 


To view the entire Executive Office for Administration and Finance’s FY2013 Performance Report, click here: