Certificate of Payment pdf format of mwbe-certificate-of-payment.pdf
rtf format of                             mwbe-certificate-of-payment.rtf                - Payments made to certified M/WBE subcontractors on all DCAMM projects must be submitted to the Compliance Office via this form.

Letter of Intent pdf format of mwbe-letter-of-intent.pdf
rtf format of                             mwbe-letter-of-intent.rtf                file size 2MB - To be completed by MBE/WBE, and submitted by the General Bidder to the DCAMM Compliance Office within five (5) working days of the opening of General Bids or by Filed Sub-bidder with its bid.

MWBE Certificate of Completion pdf format of mwbe-certificate-of-completion.pdf
rtf format of                             mwbe-certificate-of-completion.rtf                file size 2MB - To be submitted to the DCAMM Compliance Office within ten (10) days after completion of work by MBE/WBE.

Schedule of Participation pdf format of mwbe-schedule-for-participation.pdf
rtf format of                             mwbe-schedule-for-participation.rtf                file size 2MB -  Filed Sub-bidders utilizing MBE/WBE firms, and MBE/WBE Sub-bidders - attach to Filed Sub-bid.  General Contractor must submit to the Compliance Office within five (5) working days of the opening of General Bids.

Schedule of Participation (CM@Risk) pdf format of mwbe-cm-sub-sfp.pdf
rtf format of                             mwbe-cm-sub-sfp.rtf                file size 2MB - Bidders must with their bid submit this Schedule for Participation listing each and every MBE/WBE firm they will utilize with the scope of work and dollar value commitment for each firm and their overall MBE/WBE dollar value commitments.  This form must be accompanied by a Completed LETTER of INTENT for each firm listed, signed by both the bidder/subcontractor and the MBE or WBE firm and a copy of the MBE/WBE’s current SDO CERTIFICATION LETTER.   Construction Manager must submit to the Compliance Office within time set forth in the Contract Documents.

Statement of Compliance/Certified Payroll pdf format of statement-of-compliance-payroll.pdf
rtf format of                             statement-of-compliance-payroll.rtf                - As required by Mass General Law every contractor and subcontractor is required to submit a copy of their weekly payroll records to the awarding authority.

Workforce Certification I-9 pdf format of workforce-certification-i9.pdf
rtf format of                             workforce-certification-i9.rtf                - Applicable to all DCAMM Construction Projects to be executed by General Contractors/Construction Managers/All Subcontractors.