MWBE Participation Goals
Construction10.4% Combined M/WBE 3% SDVBOE
Design17.9% combined M/WBE 3% SDVBO
Maintenance (Job Order Contracting (JOC) & Facilities Management)6% Combined M/WBE
Workforce GoalsMinority: 15.3%  Women: 6.9%

The Compliance Unit works with DCAMM project managers, contractors, and designers to ensure that contractual M/WBE goals are met, and to avert challenges in meeting those goals as early as possible, and to develop project-specific solutions to meet program goals.

As projects are awarded, the Compliance Unit collects and verifies documentation from contractors and designers.  This documentation ensures that: (1) only SDO-certified M/WBE firms are selected to participate on projects, (2) work is performed by scheduled M/WBEs as agreed to under the contract and as identified on the Letter (s) of Intent and, (3) payments are made to those M/WBEs performing work throughout the duration of the contract.  The Compliance Unit also monitors weekly certified  payroll submissions for prevailing wage and electronic workforce submission to track minority and women  workers on DCAMM job sites.