Workforce Reporting Overview

Step 1 DCAMM PM Team member enters Prime/GC/CM and Approved Subcontractor contact info into DCAMM construction management software (PMAS). The role in PMAS for the Compliance Contact at the Prime/GC/CM should be labeled “workforce approver,” and approved subs use “Subcontractor” role. This step notifies Compliance to issue reporting templates. Prime/GC/CM will receive forms for its own workforce as well as for lower tier subs.

Step 2 DCAMM Compliance issues initial Workforce Set Up form to Prime/GC/CM for its own workforce, if applicable, which they complete and return as per instructions provided.

Step 3 DCAMM Compliance issues Weekly Workforce Report template to Prime/GC/CM. Templates and forms are non-transferable; they are subcontractor and project specific.

Step 4 Requests from lower tier subs for template forms or updates should come through to DCAMM via the Prime/GC/CM. Steps 1 – 3 also apply to lower tier subs.

Step 5 Electronic Workforce reports are due on a weekly basis from all contractors with labor onsite. Specific email addresses used for submission are very important and will be included with instructions. Certified payroll reports should never be sent in to the emails used for workforce reporting.

Send Completed Forms: and Compliance reports:
Please see this section for helpful information on Contractor Workforce Reporting Procedures.

Certified Payroll

Completed forms and required documentation (OSHA and Apprentice cards) are to be submitted directly to the Compliance Officer assigned to the project and can be sent in via email or USPS. Template forms are part of the contract documents, however digital forms may be provided upon request or found online at the State of MA Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development website:
MA Prevailing Wage Laws state that the Project Wage Rates must be conspicuously posted onsite, and updated as necessary.