The Application for Prime/General Contractor Certificate of Eligibility now consists of three items: One Word document for the Application and two Excel Spreadsheets for the Projects in Progress and Projects Completed sections. Please complete the Word document and two Excel Spreadsheets. Once completed, please save and email all three documents (preferably in one email) to: (PLEASE DO NOT CONVERT EXCEL DOCUMENTS INTO PDF FORMAT WHEN EMAILING)

Additionally, you will need to mail in all three documents and corresponding attachments such as resumes, financial statements, etc. via non-electronic mail (i.e. regular, certified, Fed Ex, etc.). Please follow the five steps below:


Step 1: Complete the Application for Prime/General Contractor Certificate of Eligibility doc format of 11_3_25_primecont_app.doc

Step 2: Complete the Projects in Progress (Section F) xls format of Prime Projects In Progress

Step 3: Complete the Projects Completed (Section G) xls format of Prime Completed Project Spreadsheet

Step 4: Email all three completed documents to:

Step 5: Send all three documents including all corresponding attachments (resumes, financial statement, etc) via non-electronic mail to:

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
One Ashburton Place - 15th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Attn:  Contractor Certification Office

Note: If you are unable to open the above documents you may contact Contractor Certification at (617) 727-4050 x 31388 for further assistance.

 Do you have Questions?

Call Suzzette Waters (617) 727-4050 x 31467 in DCAMM's Contractor Certification Office