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Certified Contractors:

Certified Prime General Contractors List  pdf format of Certified Prime General Contractors List

Certified Filed Sub-Bidders Contractors List  pdf format of Certified Sub-Bidders Contractors List

NOTE:  The information and content on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute and should not be construed as legal, financial, professional, or any type of advice or counsel.  You should contact the Contractor Certification Office with respect to verifying a contractor's Certificate of Eligibility at (617) 727-4050.

Disqualified Contractors:

List of Contractors Decertifed by DCAMM  pdf format of List of Contractors Decertifed by DCAMM

Contractors Debarred or Suspended by DCAMM

See related links below for additional lists and information on individuals and firms which have been suspended or debarred:

Federal Government's Excluded Parties List System

Businesses Issued Stop Work Orders by the Department of Industrial Accidents

Office of the Attorney General Debarment List

Operational Services Division Vendor Debarment Information

In accordance with Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) regulations, a contractor is not eligible to receive a Certificate of Eligibility while the Contractor is decertified, suspended, or debarred from public contracting in the state or by the federal government.  Any Certificate of Eligibility issued to a contractor who is subsequently decertified, suspended, or debarred from public contracting shall be deemed void and not be valid.

Navigate through the tabs above to learn all about the Contractor Certification process.  Find out what is required for companies wishing to bid on public vertical construction projects pursuant to M.G.L. Chapters 149, 149A and 25A.

Attention Contractors - Renewals & Amendments can now be requested online!

New Online Certification Process!

Announcing the 2016 DCAMM MBE/WBE Disparity Study to evaluate the participation of Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises in Commonwealth construction and design services contracting and procurement activities.

Find Important Information on Changes to the Massachusetts Public Construction Procurement Laws effective November 7, 2016. These pages provide an overview of changes to public construction procurement thresholds.