Debarment may occur, by the federal government or the state, when there is evidence of improper conduct, including, but not limited to, fraud, collusion, attempts to improperly influence a bid process or indictment by the bidder/contractor. All departments must check the debarred vendor lists below before awarding or renewing a contract in order to ensure that they are not awarding a contract to a debarred vendor.


No department shall knowingly accept a response or award a contract to any contractor, or approve a subcontract to any party which is currently subject to any state or federal debarment order or determination, including, but not limited to, M.G.L. c.29, § 29F, M.G.L. c.30, § 39R, M.G.L. c.149, § 27C, M.G.L. c.149, § 44C, M.G.L. c.149, § 148B and M.G.L. c.152, § 25C. Pursuant to 801 CMR 21.06 (10), a "Procuring Department shall disqualify any response that the Department determines to be unresponsive, including, but not limited to: … (d) Responses submitted by a Bidder, or which identify a subcontractor, currently subject to any State or federal debarment order or determination."


The following websites contain lists, which are updated periodically, of businesses, which have been debarred: