Plymouth Trial Court

Designer - Perry Dean Rogers
Contractor - Gilbane Building Company
Project Type: CM at-Risk
Final Project Cost: $71 Million
Gross Square Feet: 189,000
Actual Completion Date: August 2007


The recently completed Plymouth Trial Court is a state-of-the-art facility containing Superior, District, Juvenile, Housing and Probate & Family court departments. The facility also contains a Law Library, space for a day care center, and jury pool accommodations. The five court departments have relocated from three separate existing, outdated facilities in downtown Plymouth, providing improved conditions and capacity for future growth in this fast-growing region of the state. The new location on Obery Street near Rt. 24 will provide easy access by automobile and through bus service and is conveniently located next to the recently completed Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. The co-location of all five court departments will improve the efficiency of the court process by promoting the use of shared facilities and services.

Project Features

  • Ten (10) courtrooms
  • Three-story public atrium space
  • Support spaces such as Commission for the Blind, DSS, DYS, and the District Attorney
  • All spaces in the building are fully accessible
  • All courtrooms and staff areas have access to direct natural light and many areas have access to natural ventilation in addition to mechanical ventilation
  • A large parking area surrounding the facility provide ample parking for staff, jurors, and all other court visitors

Plymouth Trial Court Exterior

Plymouth Trial Court Interior

Plymouth Trial Court Interior