PV Panels, MWCC

Contractor: Ameresco, Inc.
Project Cost: $849,817
Project Estimated Savings: $13,200 annual savings and 111,861 kWh
Completed: September 2009


Project Details:

 Installation of a 97.24 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system including modules, ballasted mounting system, and all applicable structural and electrical connections on the rooftop of the Haley Building at Mount Wachusett Community College. The system can be monitored via the internet at this link:

PV Panels at MWCC

PV Panels at MWCC

PV Panel Roof Box at MWCC

PV Inverter at MWCC
Photos above are of photovoltaic panels, system monitor and
inverter installed at the Haley Building, Mount Wachusett
Community College.