Bay State correctional Center ground mounted PV system

C ontractor: J.F. White Contracting Company
Estimated Project Cost: $3.8 million
(partially funded by ARRA, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
Project Estimated Savings: $149,637 annual savings
Estimated Annual kW Production: 979,407


Installation of PV Solar Systems, totaling 647kW is complete at the Bay State Correctional Center, MCI Norfolk, Northeast Correctional Center, MCI Cedar Junction, and MCI Shirley. Online monitoring systems for these locations are available at

PV SystemDeck link
Bay State Correctional Center Ground mounted system, 80kW


MCI Norfolk #1: WWTP Ground mounted system, 155kW
Northeast Correctional Center
Ground mounted system, 103kW
MCI Cedar Junction
1 roof mounted system, 103kW
MCI Shirley
Ground mounted system, 206kW

In addition to these five (5) Department of Correction facilities, DCAM has been installing Solar PV systems at thirteen (13) other facilities across the Commonwealth. This map shows the current DCAM Solar PV Project Sites in Massachusetts. pdf format of crebs2_pv_project_sites.pdf

Bay State Correctional Center ground mounted PV system
Bay State Correctional Center - Solar PV ground mounted system

Map of DOC PV Installation Locations in MA