Designer - DiNisco Design Partnership
Contractor - Daniel O'Connell's Sons
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $22.8 Million
Gross Square Feet: 49,000
Substantial Completion Date: November 2009


In November 2009, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) completed construction of a new Health & Wellness Center (H&WC), to help Greater Boston meet the need for health professionals into the 21st century. The H&WC has "smart" classrooms, faculty offices and spacious state-of-the-art "sim"-labs with high-tech manikins engineered to reflect various medical maladies for training students in a hospital setting. The H&WC also houses a gymnasium for its championship athletic teams and a fitness center to promote the general health and wellness of the entire college community.

The LEED Gold-Certified H&WC exceeds the new Massachusetts standards for green buildings and energy reduction guidelines by 20 percent and further undergo third-party enhanced commissioning to verify that the building's energy related systems are properly installed and perform according to the owner's design requirements.

The natural daylight entering the south-facing classrooms, gymnasium, and fitness center will reduce the need for electric lighting during daytime hours while the roof overhangs prevent glaring daylight from entering the recreation spaces. The low-E double-glazed vision units cut down on unwanted heat gain from the summer sun. Above the vision glazing is a band of translucent glazing units, which diffuse sunlight, prevent glare, and redirect light toward classroom and gym ceilings.

High-efficiency lighting fixtures are paired with daylight and occupancy sensors to realize the significant energy savings that come with naturally lighting spaces. These control sensors dim lights on sunny days and switch them off when classrooms are unoccupied.

Similarly, a high-efficiency demand controlled ventilation system outfitted with carbon dioxide sensors responds to classroom occupancy levels to increase outdoor air ventilation rates when classrooms are full and cut rates to a minimum when classrooms are unoccupied, insuring high indoor air quality while saving energy.

From its energy star white roof membrane and foam insulated architectural pre-cast concrete building envelope to its indigenous drought-resistant plantings and captured rain water fed bio-retention storm-water system, the Center is a laboratory of energy efficiency and environmentally sound design.

This award winning project was displayed on the site for receiving the Green Design Concept Winner Award, 2008.

Project Features

  • Competition gym
  • Fitness center
  • Instructional space for the Health Sciences program
  • Labs for respiratory therapy, ultrasound, X-ray, medical Imaging and nursing
  • Drought resistant indigenous vegetation
  • LEED Gold Certification

South Elevation

Acute Critical Skills Unit


Basic Skills Unit

West Elevation