Designer: Caolo Bieniek & Assoc.
Contractor: D.A. Sullivan & Sons, Inc.
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $11.5 Million
Gross Square Feet: 51,000
Substantial Completion Date: February 2010


This project was initiated because the library and campus center did not meet accessibility requirements. The entrance lobby was at the top of a flight of stairs and the book store, in basement space, could only be reached via a narrow exterior stairwell. The entrance lobby joined three separate structures - the four level library/classroom building, six level office tower, and three level campus center. Separate elevators served two of the three structures. The solution provides a new at-grade entrance with elevator that serves all floors. The bookstore is relocated to a prominent location on the main floor. The new lobby is designed to have informal seating on all three levels with commanding views of the campus green.

Project Features:

  • New center core addition with new accessible elevator.
  • Relocation of the campus book store
  • Improved access to all program areas
  • Accessible new restrooms
  • New elevator and upgrade existing elevators
  • Additional student gathering spaces