Designer: Stantec/Burt Hill
Construction Manager: Barr & Barr, Inc.
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $101 million
Gross Square Feet: 173,000 GSF
Estimated Construction Start Date: June 2012
Estimated Substantial Completion Date: Summer 2014

This multi-use building will house 173,000 gross square feet of space for instructional, departmental and civic programs. Currently, the university has a substantial shortage of classroom space of which a vast amount is in poor condition.   Adjacent to the Campus Center and Student Union facilities, the New Academic Classroom Building (NACB) will address this critical need for new ‘state of the art’ classrooms and departmental spaces in the heart of the Amherst campus.

The programs located within the departmental spaces will be Linguistics, Communication and Journalism and Film Studies. The Instructional program will include 15 high technology classrooms consisting of 1,900 seats (one 350 seat auditoria, four case study classrooms, five Team-Based Learning classrooms, four table and chair classrooms, and film screening rooms). Communication and Journalism Department space will house TV studio production facilities and film screening rooms. The Linguistics Department space will include speech language labs and sound attenuation rooms.

The Green Roof and Sustainable Landscaping along with the campus Utility Corridor and town Water Treatment Systems upgrades are noteworthy environmentally sensitive benefits this project will bring to life on this campus.

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View from deck of the Lincoln Campus Center
View from deck of the Lincoln Campus Center across the new bridge

View from lower level plaza
View from lower level plaza

view of Pond Entrance from upper level plaza
View of Pond Entrance from upper level plaza

View from Campus Pond
View from Campus Pond

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