HVAC and Building Systems Renovations Holyoke Soldiers' Home

Designer - Caolo & Bieniek Associates
Contractor - D.A. Sullivan & Sons
Project Type: Design/Bid/Build
Project Cost: $17 Million
Gross Square Feet: 128,000
Substantial Completion Date: June 2008


Renovations at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke include: Installation of a new HVAC system to serve the Main Building, North Building addition and dormitory; construction of a new mechanical building to house the chillers & associated equipment; renovation of the kitchen and dining facility and replacement of existing equipment; renovations to the existing dining room; conversion of the existing auditorium into a Pharmacy, Dental Suite & Veterans Care Center on the new second floor; conversion of 4 fourth-floor open bed wards into semi-private rooms.

Project Features

  • Multi-phased renovation project in an operating healthcare facility
  • Project provides air conditioning to the entire facility for the first time
  • Renovations include expansion of the outpatient clinic which serves more than 4,500 veterans