• Statewide Resilience Master Plan

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    In creating guidelines for implementing structural retrofits and improvements, this masterplan will lay out the groundwork for DCAMM to implement resilient design on future projects and ensure service continuity for constituents.

  • John W. McCormack Building & Energy Improvements

    This project involves a phased renovation of the John W. McCormack Building that will ensure the building’s serviceability for the next 50 years and will focus on the buildings infrastructure, envelope, interior common spaces and surrounding site.

  • John W. McCormack Building - Accessibility Upgrades

    Rendering of the project

    This project will improve the accessibility to the McCormack Building.  Improvements will occur at the Lobby, Plaza, and Garage Levels, with work to focus on the turnstiles, doors, and security systems.


  • John W. McCormack Building - Commonwealth Children's Center Renovation & Expansion

    The renovation and expansion of the Commonwealth Children's Center at the McCormack Building, One Ashburton Place, Boston is complete.

  • McCormack Building Main Entry Improvements

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    This project will improve building accessibility through replacement of the existing Main entry doors (on Ashburton Place), replacement of the Lobby turnstiles, repairs to the Bowdoin Street stairs, and the associated mechanical and electrical service.
  • Springfield Data Center - Information Technology Division

    This project provides a second data center for the Commonwealth's Information Technology Division to operate as an active back-up to the Mass. Information Technology Center (MITC) in Chelsea. The facility is at a higher level of reliability than the existing data facilities at MITC, provides a critical backup data center facility for the Commonwealth, and is a 'show case' green data center.