• MA Army National Guard Readiness Center in Natick

    The new Massachusetts Readiness Center in Natick will be located on a 26 acre state-owned parcel located at 149 Speen Street, to provide a training center for and serve the peacetime missions of the 182nd Area Support Medical Company and the 26th Maneuver Enhanced Brigade units of the Massachusetts Army National Guard (MAARNG)..
  • Western Massachusetts Women's Correctional Center Expansion

    Western MA Women's Correctional Facility Renderin

    The project involves the construction of a Western MA Regional Women’s Correctional Center Expansion.  The project will add approximately 18,000 SF to the existing Correctional Center Facility.  The new housing structure (Housing Unit 3) will provide between 42 and 56 additional inmate cells with a unit management core.

  • Western Mass Fire Training Facility in Springfield

    This project will create a state regional fire training facility in Springfield to serve the western part of the state and to alleviate the training load at the central training academy located in Stow, MA. The project will provide a training area with classrooms & offices, maintenance shops, a fire house, fire safety lab, and emergency equipment response storage, among others.
  • Massachusetts State Police Lower Basin Barracks Modernization

    The proposed facility is located at the site of the existing barracks and anticipates the adaptive re-use of the historic ex-Lower Locks Building and, possibly, the Stop Plan Garage, and likely integrated with a compact addition.  


  • New Intake/Processing Facility, Essex County Correctional Facility


    The scope of this project includes the construction of a new one story, fully secure, Intake/Processing Facility at the existing Essex County Jail and House of Correction.

  • SDM Middlesex Jail & House of Corrections – Housing Expansion


    The Middlesex Jail and House of Correction will expand this existing facility to provide an additional 128 cells for the general population  plus a 240 bed dormitory building.  The new facility addition will connect to the existing UNITS #1 and  #2 and extend the ramp/circulation corridor and function as a single structure.

  • Statewide Corrections Master Plan

    The Corrections Master Plan is a comprehensive assessment and plan for the Commonwealth's capital needs for the correctional system facilities through 2020. It includes: an inventory and analysis of maintenance and capacity needs of existing facilities, the facilities impact of various programmatic and policy changes, including both operating and capital costs, the most effective and efficient use of existing facilities, and the prioritization of major maintenance, and new construction projects statewide.
  • Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Phase II Expansion

    Mass Firefighting Academy Phase II Expansion
    Phase II expansion of the Firefighting Academy in Stow is now complete for MFA and DFS office functions; a new training fire station; a new warehouse; and a renovation and expansion of the existing academy building.
  • MA Army National Guard Readiness Center in Methuen

    The project was initiated to design and construct a new Massachusetts Army National Guard (MAARNG) Readiness Center in Methuen, Massachusetts to provide updated facilities and to support multiple units as determined by MAARNG. This facility will replace the existing historic building on the same site, adding program and space that is required to carry out the functions of a readiness center.
  • Hampden County Women's Correctional Facility

    Hampden County Women's Correctional Facility
    Construction is complete on the new jail and house of correction to house women under the jurisdiction of the Hampden County Sheriff's Department. This two-story correctional facility in Chicopee incorporates modular and conventional construction elements.
  • New Field Maintenance Shop in Reading - National Guard

    OMS Reading
    The Massachusetts Army National Guard, Reading maintenance shop replaces an overcrowded and unsafe shop at the Haverhill Street Armory in Reading.
  • New State Police Station at Millbury

    New State Police Station at Milbury
    This new State Police station replaces an antiquated station that was built in 1931 and was poorly located relative to its troop patrol area. The new facility is approximately 15,200 gross square feet and serves officers, Special State Police units and civilian staff.
  • Franklin County Jail and House of Correction Replacement

    Franklin County Jail
    Construction of a new 144-cell jail was completed for the Franklin County Sheriff's Department in Greenfield, MA. It is a single-structure building that includes all support facilities.
  • New State Police Station at Dartmouth

    New State Police Station at Dartmouth
    The new State Police station in Dartmouth replaces an antiquated station built in 1920. The project includes approximately 14,300 gross square feet to serve officers, Special State Police units and civilian staff, plus 2,300 net square feet of attic storage space.