Designer - DiMella Shaffer Associates
Contractor - Consigli Construction Co.
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $43.5 Million
Gross Square Feet: 115,000
Substantial Completion Date: November 2010


This project consisted of a new administration building, a new training fire station, new storage, new maintenance facility, and renovation/expansion of the existing academy building. This project will accommodate training and maintenance needs and create an assembly area for graduation and conferences.

Project Features

  • LEED certified at gold level
  • Will house approximately 175 personnel, most of whom are already on site, by replacing a number of temporary trailers and modular buildings with proper facilities
  • 77.000 gsf of new construction
  • 38,000 gsf of renovation
  • Will use less energy than the present building, in spite of being 150% larger
  • Will use less water for domestic purposes than is presently used, thanks to water saving fixtures and use of graywater for non-potable purposes
  • Approximately 7% energy derived from solar energy

Phase I of the project - storage building, new parking lot and Title 5 septic systems was also successfully completed and is being used by DFS.

Academic Building
Academic Building
Administration Building
Administration Building
Storage Building
Storage Building