State Police Lower Basin Barracks

Study and Project Designer:  Finegold Alexander & Associates
Gross Square Feet:  5,200
Estimated Project Cost:  $21,000,000
Est. Substantial Completion Date: To be determined



The proposed facility is to be accommodated at the site of the existing barracks (which previously housed the Metropolitan District Police) and anticipates the adaptive re-use of the historic ex-Lower Locks Building and, possibly, the Stop Plank Garage, and likely integrated with a compact addition.  The proposed barracks will be sized to provide sufficient capacity for troop consolidation -- the combining of the Upper and Lower Basin Barracks – and space for current and projected mission requirements.  The tower in the Lower Locks Building accommodates the MassDOT drawbridge operator and this function will continue to remain in operation at this location.

Project Features:

  • Right-sizing to accommodate mission requirements and meet regulatory standards
  • Exterior restoration of historic structure
  • Full compliance with all accessibility (MAAB and ADA) requirements
  • Full compliance with all EO 484 sustainable design requirements
  • Consideration of features to enhance resiliency
State Police Lower Basin Barracks aerial photo
State Police Lower Basin Barracks aerial photo
State Police Lower Basin Barracks
State Police Lower Basin Barracks