Designer: STV and Carter Goble Lee
Project Type: Master Plan
Project Cost: Identified $550 million in capital improvements
Final Report Date: December 2011

The Corrections Master Plan is a comprehensive assessment and plan for the Commonwealth's capital needs for the correctional system facilities through 2020. It includes: an inventory and analysis of maintenance and capacity needs of existing facilities, the facilities impact of various programmatic and policy changes, including both operating and capital costs, the most effective and efficient use of existing facilities, and the prioritization of major maintenance, and new construction projects statewide. The Commonwealth's correctional facilities are critical to providing justice and protecting the safety of its citizens. The Corrections Master Plan was undertaken due to the overcrowding of existing facilities, the concern for the quality of incarceration of women, detainees and inmates with healthcare and mental healthcare needs, and enhancement of pre-release and reentry. During the planning process, the focus was expanded to include advances in technology and the potential for more efficient inmate transportation. In a world of shrinking public funds, the Commonwealth's Correctional System will need to utilize resource sharing, efficiency of scale in purchasing & operations, alternatives to incarceration and reducing recidivism.

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Project Features:

  • A needs-based vision for corrections in the Commonwealth
  • The impact of legislation on the correctional system and inmate population and resulting capital needs
  • Special topics: Medical and Mental Health, Women Offenders, Pre-Release/Reentry, Inmate Transportation and Technology
  • Updated capacity definition and calculation