Description of Property

The former Rutland Heights State Hospital property comprising approximately 85 acres is located off Maple Avenue (Route 56) in a primarily residential neighborhood approximately 1/2 mile from the Town center. Approximately 32 acres of the site are developable, with a large portion of the area consisting of wetlands and steep slopes. Pursuant to Chapter 245 of the Acts of 2000 DCAMM has been authorized to convey this site to the Rutland Development and Industrial Commission (RDIC) for a variety of possible uses including light industrial, commercial/retail, senior housing and municipal uses with a heavy emphasis on activity that expands the Town's tax base. The full and fair market value of the property has been determined by appraisal to be $546,000 and The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is in the process of finalizing the conveyance to the RDIC.