The following requirements were implemented on the following dates and continue to be requirements.

July 2016

DSB Application Form and Master File Brochure Form Updated 

Please use the updated version of the DSB Application Form and Master File Brochure Form updated July 2016.  You can download the forms from this website.

May 2014

Brief Resume of ONLY those Prime Applicant and Sub-Consultant personnel requested in the
Advertisement. Include Resumes of Project Managers.  Resumes should be consistent with the persons
listed on the Organizational Chart in Question # 6.  Additional sheets should be provided only as
required for the number of Key Personnel requested in the Advertisement and they must be in the
format provided.  By including a Firm as a Sub-Consultant, the Prime Applicant certifies that the
listed Firm has agreed to work on this Project, should the team be selected.

May 2013
Reasons for Rejection of Applicants

The following list which would result in a Board determination that the application missing the
following information will be considered ineligible for further review and the applicant is
ineligible for selection either as a result of violation of provisions of law, provisions of
Executive Order or rules properly established by the Board would include:

  1. Application not signed by a Principal of the firm.
  2. Applicant firm is not a designer as defined in Chapter 7C.
  3. Applicant firm is not of the type (i.e. A, A/E, E) requested in the advertisement.
  4. The P.I.C. of the prime applicant does not meet the requirements of the advertisement.
  5. Failure to include resume of one or more of personnel listed on the organizational chart or otherwise required.
  6. Application does not include both MBE and WBE.
  7. MBE and/or WBE goals are met with non-requested prime or sub-consultants.
  8. Ownership requirements as defined by Chapter 7C not fulfilled.
  9. Application does not include all requested sub-consultants.
  10. All sub-consultants must be registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when such registration is available.
  11. Section #12 of the application is not answered with “Yes” or “No”.
  12. No Master File Brochure on file.
  13. Failure to supply sub-consultants acknowledgement form.
  14. Failure to supply Out of State Registration Certificate - All Out of State firms applying to advertisements to the Designer Selection Board must insure they are registered to do business with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  15. Applications that are incomplete will be rejected.


If you have any questions please call the DSB at (617) 727-4046. You may direct your questions to the Program Coordinator Claire Hester or Roberto Melendez, Administrative Assistant.