Section 5 of Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2004 entitled "An Act Further Regulating Public Construction in the Commonwealth" amended M. G. L. c. 7, §38K and mandates that the Designer Selection Board ("DSB") issue a new application form for use by all Municipalities and all other Public Agencies not within the DSB's jurisdiction in the selection of designers for public construction projects in the Commonwealth.

Standard Designer Application Form for Municipalities and Public Agencies not within the DSB Jurisdiction (Updated 5/2014) pdf format of 14-6-10- cities-towns-application.pdf
rtf format of                             14-6-10- cities-towns-application.rtf                doc format of                             Cities & Town Application Form                      

Instructions for the Calculation of Designer Fees (Fee Schedule) pdf format of design_fee_schedule_2007.pdf

Designer Evaluation Forms for Municipalities


If you have any questions please call the DSB at (617) 727-4046. You may direct your questions to the DSB's Executive Director Gordon Sainsbury or his executive assistant Claire Hester.