The Designer Selection Board (DSB) requires applicants to use the latest forms when applying for State funded projects. It is the responsibility of the Prime applicant to ensure all of their sub-consultants also use the current application forms. Failure to do so will be grounds for the application to be rejected.

To apply, please use:

DSB Application Form (Updated July 2016) pdf format of 16-7-7-dsb-application-form
doc format of                             16-7-7-dsb-application-form

Computer generated forms are allowed provided they do not substantially deviate from the DSB format. The application form is also available in the Central Register or by contacting the DSB.

For City or Town Applicants:
If you are using DSB forms in response to an advertisement for design services for a City or Town and not as a result of DSB List please see Procedures for Municipalities and Public Agencies not within DSB Jurisdiction


If you have any questions please call the DSB at (617) 727-4046. You may direct your questions to the Program Coordinator Claire Hester or Roberto Melendez, Administrative Assistant.