Listed below are open solicitations with the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Leasing Office. For detailed information on each listing, please go to the COMMBUYS

If you would like an RFP mailed to you, please call 617-727-8000 x31355; allow up to nine business days for receipt of the RFP. You may also pick up the RFP by coming to DCAMM's office at One Ashburton Place, 14th Floor, Room 1411, Boston.


Open Solicitations - Office of Leasing

The following open solicitations for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance Leasing office have been posted to COMMBUYS.  

Please go to COMMBUYS at for detailed information.

Close Date

Project # 201644000.1 Department of Developmental Services -Beverly7/28/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201662000.1 Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Haverhill8/10/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201673000.1 Department of State Police-Bedford, Lawrence, or N. Andover, at an airport8/10/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201685000.1 Department of Children & Families Marlborough, Northborough, etc.8/24/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201641000.1 Department of Children and Families - Roxbury, in U.S. Postal Zip Codes. etc.8/31/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201642000.1 Department of Children and Families - Boston, or Brookline, etc8/31/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201643000.1 Department of Children & Families - Dorchester, in U.S. Postal Zip Codes, etc.8/31/16 -  2:00 PM
Project # 201653000.1 Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission - Dorchester, Mission Hill, etc.8/31/16 -  2:00 PM
Project #201654000.1 Department of Developmental Services- -Boston, Brookline8/31/16 -  2:00 PM
Project #201674000.1 Department of Transitional Assistance- - Boston, Brookline, or Newton8/31/16 -  2:00 PM