The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) along with the Supplier Diversity Office and the Office of Access and Opportunity have announced revised goals for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) participation on certain state funded building construction projects.  MBE and WBE firms are firms that meet required criteria for ownership and control by minorities and or women and have been so certified by the Commonwealth’s Supplier Diversity Office.  More information about MBE/WBE certification and a list of MBE/WBE certified firms is available on the Supplier Diversity Office’s website

Public construction and design projects undertaken by DCAMM and other public awarding authorities, including municipal projects receiving state funding, provide significant opportunities for MBE and WBE firms to participate on these projects*.  DCAMM has had a long standing program that ensures that minority and women owned businesses have real and meaningful opportunities to work on agency building construction projects.  

Effective January 1, 2012 building construction projects undertaken by DCAMM and other state funded building projects, including state funded municipal projects have revised MBE and WBE participation goals pdf format of revised-mbe-wbe-goals-11-12-12

The new goals are as follows:

Construction Projects – 10.4% combined MBE & WBE participation
Design Projects –  17.9%  combined MBE & WBE participation

The revised goals are the result of a disparity study that was undertaken by a nationally recognized firm to evaluate the status of minority and women owned businesses in the building construction and design industry within the Commonwealth.  The disparity study results supported a revision to DCAMM’s and the statewide MBE/WBE participation program goals. DCAM Disparity Study Executive Summary pdf format of dcam-disparity-study-executive-summary-8-11

The combined goals can be met by utilizing a reasonable representation of both MBE and WBE firms. The public awarding authority will make the determination if the proposed participation of MBE and WBE firms is reasonable.  Utilization of all MBE or all WBE firms will not be considered a reasonable representation of MBE and WBE firms.  If the prime contractor or designer is itself an MBE or WBE firm, it will still be required to provide participation by a firm or firms that does not hold the certification it holds.  

Participation by MBE and WBE firms will continue to be tracked, reported and monitored separately to ensure that both MBE and WBE firms are participating on these projects.  Not every project will have the full MBE/WBE goals set forth above as certain projects due to their size, scope or geographic location may have reduced goals, or in some cases no goals, as determined by the public awarding authority. 


* See Massachusetts General Laws chapter 7C, section 6.